• Other Walls 2 Fall national sneak peek: October 20, 2015 in Dayton, OHIO at the Sears Recital Hall, University of Dayton, 7:00 and 9:00. Seating is limited, but free.

  • "Rockin' the Wall" has won the prized Dove Foundation seal of approval, meaning it is endorsed as family-friendly entertainment by the Foundation!

  • After a successful fall tour in theaters around the United States we will continue in 2015 to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall with new screenings as follows:
    - March 29th, Notre Dame University at 3:00PM
    - November 9th, Texast Tech University, Time TBD



  • November 4, Austin Texas, Texas Policy Foundation (contact TPF for showtimes and details). Special guest: Glenn Murdock of "Mother's Finest."
  • November 9, Lubbock, Texas Tech University, Free Market Institute.



This fall, in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall falling, Rockin' the Wall, our documentary flagship film, is embarking on a national multi-city tour. Already we have 30 venues across the nation, including Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, Raleigh, Cincinnati, Omaha, and a presentation on the actual anniversary of the fall of the wall---November 9---at the Churchill Museum at Westminster College where Winston Churchill gave his "Iron Curtain" speech in 1946.

  • September 8, Dayton, OH (University of Dayton Boll Theater)
  • September 10, Cincinnati, OH (The Rave Theater, Newport, KY)
  • September 12, Toledo, OH (The Maumee Theater)
  • September 16, Dayton, OH (University of Dayton Sears Recital Hall)
  • September 17, Greenville, OH (Memorial Hall)
  • September 22, Atlanta, GA (The Earl Smith Strand Theater) *Special guests: Mother's Finest
  • September 23, Montreat College, Ashville, NC
  • September 24, Greensboro, NC (The Carousel Theater)
  • September 25, Raleigh, NC (North Carolina Museum of Science and Natural History)
  • September 27, Cullowee, NC, Western Carolina University
  • October 2, Danbury, CT (The Palace)
  • October 3, Boston, MA (The Regent)
  • October 10,Winter Garden, FL (The Garden Theater)
  • October 11, Ave Maria, FL (Ave Maria University)
  • October 14, Wheeling, WV (Ogelbay Theater)
  • October 30, Eureka, IL (Eureka College)
  • November 6, Los Angeles, CA (Lux Hotel)
  • November 8, Chandler/Phoenix, AZ (Chandler Center for the Arts)
  • November 9, Phoenix, AZ (Shea Harkins Theater)
  • November 14, Fulton, MO (Churchill Museum/Westminster College)
  • November 20, Grand Rapids, MI (Acton Institute)
  • December 1, Chicago, Il (Gallery Theatre of the Arts)

Our national Video on Demand and DVD release will occur on November 4! Check here for stores in your area that will be carrying "Rockin' the Wall." In addition, we will be on Amazon, Itunes and many other platforms.

Critics Love "Rockin' The Wall"!

“one of the best music documentaries I’ve seen in a while.”  -- G. W. Hill,

“An intriguing history lesson,” a “prismatic production”   -- Glenn Astarita,

“an account into a world that was and how no one should ever underestimate the power of rock music.”   -- Tommy Hash,

“an entertaining exploration of the power of rock music as a force for social change & liberation.”  ---

Rockin’ the Wall has received the Dove Foundation award for family-friendly entertainment.